Wyndham Cleveland at Playhouse Square Wedding | Alia + Daniel

Wyndham Cleveland Playhouse Square Wedding | Alia + Daniel

We had such a lovely time getting to know Alia & Daniel and their plans for their Wyndham Cleveland wedding day.  We love our bride-to-bes that walk into our studio with an iPad in hand – organized and ready to plan!  Couples come to us for our photography services, but there are those who absolutely LOVE what we do and choose us not only for our style but for our expertise and put all their trust in us.  Capturing their wedding day for a lifetime of memories was truly an honor that we cherish.  They planned a beautiful day from getting ready to the first sight and a fun time with the bridal party walking around downtown Cleveland.  Cleveland’s Wyndham Hotel was a great location to capture the day as it unfolded and the reception party was second to none.  Great time had by all!


A few of our favorites from their wedding day……

Mom helps Alia with her Jewelry - Wyndham Cleveland Wedding

Touching moment between mother and bride.

Creative bridal portrait.

Bridal portrait - Cleveland Wedding Photographers

Cleveland Bridal Portrait

Bride and her sisters

Portrait of Groom


First sight on the balcony of the Cleveland Wyndham

Bridesmaids in Downtown Cleveland

Public Square Bridal Party

Bride & Groom near Public Square

Cleveland wedding photography

Father & Bride walking down isle

Wyndham Hotel Wedding Ceremony

First kiss

Recetional - Wyndham Hotel

Wild Flour Wedding Cake

First Dance

Celebration at the Wyndham

Cleveland Wedding Photography


Thank you for choosing Casmir Photography!

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Cleveland Wedding | Old Stone Church | Renaissance Hotel

Cleveland Wedding | Old Stone Church | Renaissance Hotel

Wedding Photography at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

Eunice & Ke planned and executed a perfect  Cleveland wedding.  Gisella started off her day by meeting Ke and his groomsmen at the hotel while Thomas met Eunice as she was getting ready in the bridal suite.  The morning was planned perfectly, with enough time to create beautiful images of both the bride and groom.  Once we had the “getting ready” pictures and portraits captured, we set off to Wade Oval in University Circle.  Perfect day for creating images outdoors, 75 and sunny!  Before we started with the creative session though, we needed to set up a “first sight” for the bride and groom.  The bride and groom chose to see each other prior to the ceremony and we love setting up a “first sight” and capturing it on film.  Once they had a few romantic moments together, we started off by doing a walk-about around Wade Lagoon.  We enjoy spending time with the couple walking around a city block, or in this case a beautiful park while creating beautiful portraits, perfect for their wedding album.  After the creative session, we headed off to the Old Stone Church in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio where we documented their ceremony and then back outdoors for a short creative session with the bridal party around Public Square.  The bridal party was awesome, we absolutely loved working with them!  Then off to the Renaissance Hotel for cocktail hour and the reception.  Awesome wedding professionals and an amazing wedding party helped make this a beautiful wedding to remember.

Wedding Professionals included:


A few of our favorites from the day… 

Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

Beautiful bridal portrait by Cleveland wedding photographers.

Bridal Details

Beautiful bridal portrait by Casmir Photography.  Cleveland wedding photographers.

Cleveland wedding photography by CASMIR.

Bridal portrait at Renaissance Hotel

Groom getting ready for his Cleveland wedding.

Groomsmen and the groom at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

Groom portrait by Cleveland wedding photographers at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

Bridal portrait by Cleveland wedding photographers at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

 The “first sight” was spectacular.  Ke came up from behind to surprise Eunice.

Bride and Grooms first sight at Wade Lagoon

First sight between bride and groom at Wade Oval .

Wade Oval wedding photography.

Flowers by Pieter Bouterse Studio

Wade Oval wedding photography by Casmir Photography

Mothers lighting the unity candles.

Groom and groomsmen at the Old Stone Church.

Bride walking down the isle at Old Stone Church.

Old Stone Church Wedding in Cleveland, Ohio - Casmir Photography.

First kiss at the Old Stone Church Cleveland Wedding photographed by Casmir Photography

Bride at Groom at the Old Stone Church Cleveland Wedding

Old Stone Church wedding portrait by Casmir Photography

Bridal Party pictures in Downtown Cleveland

Bridal Party pictures in Cleveland, by Northeast, Ohio wedding photographers.

Groomsmen wedding photo in Downtown Cleveland

Groomsmen in Downtown Cleveland by Casmir Photography

Bridal Party in Public Square Cleveland, OH

Cleveland public library wedding photography

Ambassador Room at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel - Wedding Reception

First Dance - Ambassador Room - Renaissance Hotel Wedding

Michael Angelo's Bakery Wedding Cake at the Renaissance Hotel Cleveland

Renaissance Hotel wedding photography in Cleveland, Ohio

Renaissance Hotel wedding photography in Cleveland, Ohio

Thank you for choosing CASMIR PHOTOGRAPHY!

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Wedding Photography Budget | Budget For Your Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Budget | Budget For Wedding Photography

I’ve thought about writing this post for some time now, but whenever I do sit down to write this, I always end up reconsidering because I feel a potential client may think this article is self serving and biased.  In a way, I guess it kinda is.  I am a photographer who owns their own business after all……..but in reality,  I’m genuinely interested in educating couples and hopefully enlightening them with the information they will need to make wise decisions when planning their wedding and choosing a wedding photographer.

Gorgeous engagement photography by Casmir Photography Cleveland, Ohio

Wedding Photography Budget

If you’re just starting to plan your wedding or you’re already meeting with photographers, you’re going to hear this often……..“After all the food is eaten,  the cake has been cut, the flowers wilted and the music has stopped playing…….the only thing you have left, are your photographs”…………you’ll hear this, or a version of this over and over again from photographers, wedding planners and maybe even some friends that have recently been married. Why do you hear this so often?…….because it’s true!  I will say this though, when it’s coming out of a photographers mouth,  it often sounds like a spiel………..but, all we’re really trying to do is educate our prospective clients to at the very least, get them thinking about their priorities.

Wedding photographs are the only thing you have left to remember your wedding day by and your wedding album will be the first heirloom for your new family – hopefully passed down and cherished for generations.  Yet,  after thousands are spent on an engagement ring, the venue, catering, a dress, flower arrangements,  the entertainment and couples often have no issues spending 5000+ on their honeymoon – when it comes to their photography…..they often often say they are on a “tight” budget of $2000 or less.  It is extraordinary, I’ve personally attended weddings which showcased beautiful venues, delicious food and live entertainment…..all being documented by a “budget” photographer.  I’m not saying this is wrong….maybe it’s their priorities, but really?…….they opted to spend $3500 on the entertainment and under $2000 for their photography?  Another wedding I recently attended featured a lavishly decorated reception hall adorned with fresh flowers, gorgeous center pieces with beautifully rich table settings……I’d guess they spent over 10k on the decorations,  yet, they hired a “budget” photographer for just about $1500.  Is this disturbing……or is it just me?   I will tell you this though…..both couples presented a beautiful wedding to their guests, unfortunately, they barley have anything better than snap shots to share.  The photographs poorly document their investment let alone creatively showcase the beautiful event in any way at all.  I don’t think either couple will be showing off their photographs to anyone…let alone preserving them as “heirlooms.”  Both of the couples I just mentioned could have easily hired a professional quality photographer by budgeting a little more wisely.  Instead of spending 10k on the decorations and 1.5k on the photography, the couple could have beautifully decorated their reception for 5k while investing 6.5k on their photography……I’m pretty sure that they would have had an heirloom quality album to proudly display for a lifetime.  Photographers see this over and over again.  Why is that?  I don’t think there’s one clear cut answer… could just be a couple just doesn’t quite understand why wedding photography costs what it does, or it could be that a couple doesn’t quite understand or see the value in professional photography and their priorities lie elsewhere.  Possibly it’s a combination of both.

Before we start though, I would like to say I certainly understand not everyone has an “unlimited” budget for their wedding or their wedding photography.  Some may have a budget of 8000+ for their photography and others have that for their entire wedding.  I don’t judge someone because they don’t have an extreme budget to work with and not everyone can afford professional photography.  But we can all make educated decisions based on our knowledge of the subject.  Also, I can definitely understand needing to work within a budget…….I do run a business of course and have a household that is run on a budget…’s NOT always the budget I would like…..but we prioritize what is important to our business or household and do the best we can within our budget.

Wedding Photography Budget - Cleveland Wedding Photography

Why So Much?

That’s a good question and one that just about everybody asks when they start searching for a wedding photographer.  Before Gisella and I started our business, we also planned a wedding……..and I have to say……when it came to photography, sticker shock was an understatement.  I mean, photography was something I enjoyed and dabbled in for a long time and at least had some what of an understanding of what good photography was, yet I had no clue how much quality photography really cost.  So I can definitely relate to many of the couples out there planning their wedding.  The cost of photography is often overlooked when you first start planning a wedding…….I mean really……you’re hiring someone for 8 hours or so to take pictures… hard can that be? Why on earth do wedding photographers charge $4000 to take pictures for 8 hours!!!  Yep….been there…..said that.  Once you have a bit of insight….it’ll start making sense.

I personally feel photographers are most often looked at as an individual you’re hiring rather than a business you’re contracting to photograph your wedding.  Most photographers present themselves that way and why  not?  We’re helping you with your wedding timeline, planning your photography locations and we’re the only wedding professional spending the entire day with you…..I definitely want you to feel comfortable around me.  We build relationships with clients and often become friends…, it’s natural that you look at us as individuals rather than corporations.  Couples often hire us because they love our personalities and our individuality………but at the same time…..that “individual” is working for or is operating a small business.  Running a business costs money and running a photography studio is more expensive than some would realize.  When we first started our business and confided in a friend about our plans…..they were shocked at the initial investment needed to start a legitimate photography studio/business… them, starting photography business wasn’t much more than buying a camera and some business cards.  In fact, it’s much more than that, expenses include but aren’t limited to:  studio lease, furnishing the studio, insurance, advertising, employees, computers, software and continuous education are just some of the costs and I haven’t even touched on the camera and lighting equipment.  Just a modest list of  equipment we believe every professional should carry with them to a wedding is 10-12k and I would say most modern professionals are carrying upwards or 20k or more at any given wedding.  Equipment needs to be maintained, updated from time to time along with the computers and software needed for editing and making those images look amazing.  This all comes into play when photographers set their pricing, or at least it should…….If a photographer isn’t taking this into account, they most likely do not have a legitimate business and who knows how long they’ll be around.  Another factor that comes into play is the amount of time spent on each wedding.  From their first correspondence with you to the time they deliver the final product, they’ve spent a great deal of time on your wedding.  Every photographer is going to be different depending on their service…….but it’s not unheard of when 10 hours of wedding day coverage turning into more than 40 or 50 hours of  service.  Also….the products offered vary a great deal from photographer to photographer.  Some may offer economical press printed books that may cost the studio a couple of hundred dollars or less while other studios offering high quality hand made books considered heirloom quality cost the studio thousands to produce.  Framing and prints also come in different flavors of quality as does service.  Another factor in the cost of photography is experience,…..not to be taken lightly.  Also the availability of a photographer.   If there’s a popular wedding photographer in your region…….they’ll fill up their calendar quickly which also affords them the opportunity to charge a premium.  Each of the factors I mentioned are part of the cost.  We can go into much more detail….but that’s not what this post is about……at the very least though,  I want to enlighten couples that may be wondering why photography seems so expensive.

Budget for your wedding photography


 Budgeting For Wedding Photography

If you’re searching for a photographer and you’re having a hard time justifying the expense and feel Uncle “Bob” or a friend can do an adequate job, please read our “Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer”  blog post before you go any further.  If you’re  just about to start meeting with wedding vendors, you may want to start prioritizing your wedding vendors.   What’s most important to you?   Is it the photography?  After all, the photographs are the only thing left after your wedding day… many do feel the photography is the most important.  Others may feel the wedding dress is the most important……they’ll splurge on the dress they’ve been dreaming about since they were a little girl……some may dream of a rocking party with cool lighting and live music….to them everything else is secondary……while some would rather choose a fabulous venue and provide exceptional quality food and drinks for their friends and families.  I’m not here to tell you how you should budget your wedding, I just really want couples to give some thought to their priorities.  Before you go out and book your dream venue and buy that designer couture wedding gown from Elie Saab that leaves you with a minimal budget for your entertainment and photography…….write down what is most important to you and start doing some research before you just dive in.

Thank you for taking the time to ready this and please do not hesitate to contact our studio with any questions you may have about this article.


 Cleveland wedding photographers - Casmir Photography


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Downtown Cleveland Engagement Session | Alison + Chris


Cleveland Engagement Session – Alison & Chris

Cleveland Engagement Photographer - Casmir Photography

Planning Chris & Alison’s downtown engagement shoot was pretty easy…these two just love the City of Cleveland, so it was easy to do a walk about right in the heart of downtown Cleveland.  We started off on East 4th street, then headed over to Public Square and worked our way to the stadium and the new convention center,  we were easily inspired to create these lovely images of them and we had a great time getting to know them too!

 Here are just a few of our favorites… 

Cleveland photographer

Cleveland Photographer - Casmir Photography

Cleveland Engagement Photographer

Engagement Photographer

Cleveland Engagement Photographer

Cleveland Engagement Photographer - Casmir Photography

Cleveland Engagement Photographer


We can’t wait for your wedding day! 

Thank you!

Weddings by Casmir Photography

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University Circle Engagement | Wade Oval | Paul + Sara


University Circle Engagement | Wade Oval | Paul + Sara

University Circle Photographer


Such a lovely couple…Paul & Sara were unsure where to take their engagement photos.  As soon as Paul mention Sara likes the arts and greenery, University Circle had to be the perfect place for them.  With  the Art Museum, Wade Lagoon & Severance Hall as accents, their engagement shoot suited them perfectly.

 Here are some of our favorites from their session…

University Circle Photographer

University Circle Engagement Photographer

University Circle Engagement Photographers

Cleveland Engagement Photographer

University Circle engagement photographer


Thank you so much!


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Location Location Location – Cleveland Wedding Photography Hot Spots

Cleveland Wedding Photography Locations

Unless your wedding is at an all inclusive venue, you will most likely ask where to schedule your fun and creative wedding photography session.  We love collaborating with our couples to help them choose a location which is perfect for them and depending on the locations of your ceremony and reception this is usually a pretty easy task.

Our approach to wedding coverage is mostly photojournalistic but we love to  incorporate a creative session for the bride and groom and their bridal party.  One of the first subjects we cover with our couples is location.   It’s important to choose a location that will suit your style.  Are you interested in an urban landscape, maybe a nature setting, or how about both?  Whatever your taste is,  we can definitely work with you and come up with the perfect location or two.  Oh…….and this is an important point:  Have an indoor backup location incase of inclement weather.


We’ve compiled a list of Cleveland wedding photography locations through various sources on the web, indoor and outdoor with phone numbers.  Casmir notes are included in the locations we’ve worked.


The Allen Memorial Art Museum

Location: Oberlin College, 87 N. Main St., Oberlin, OH 44074-1161
Phone: (440) 775-8670
Contact: Leslie Miller (Assistant to the Director)
Reservations: Needed at least one week in advance.
Cost: None
Receptions: Not allowed
Notes: Photos may be taken only outdoors on stairway.
Casmir Notes:  Love this and surrounding locations for variety. 


The Arcade

Location : 401 Euclid Ave Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: (216) 696-1408
Casmir Notes: Nice location in case of inclement weather – please call in advance for permission.


Brooker Insurance Agency

Location: 10749 Pearl Rd. Strongsville, Ohio 44136
Phone: (440) 238-5454
Contact: Brooker Insurance Agency
Reservations: Reservations and a signed contract are necessary.
Cost: $75 an hour
Notes: Winding staircase, fountain and deck are popular.
Casmir Notes:  Decent backup for weddings near Strongsville.  Reserve just in case of inclement weather.


The Chagrin Falls Triangle Park

Location: Main Street, Chagrin Falls
Phone: (440) 247-5050
Contact: Mayor: 21 W. Washington St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022
Reservations: Needed at least one month in advance
Cost: None
Receptions: Not allowed
Notes: Must write a letter or call the mayor for permission to take photos. Some days are restricted.


Cleveland Metroparks Zoo/Rainforest

Location: 3900 Wildlife Way, Cleveland, Ohio 44109
Phone: (216) 661-6500, ext. 3389
Contact: Group Sales Dept
Reservations: Needed at least two weeks in advance
Cost: $60 an hour for a photo in front of the waterfall.
Notes: Although wedding parties have unlimited time to take pictures in the zoo, photos in The RainForest are restricted to one hour and may only be taken in front of waterfall at the entrance.


Cleveland Museum of Art

Location: 11150 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Phone: (216) 707-2197
Reservations: Not available
Cost: Free.
Notes: Wedding photos can only be taken outside the museum. Due to the fact that this is a public area, reservations are not available. The Cleveland Museum of Art suggests having a backup plan in the event of rain, as the wedding party will not be allowed to take photos anywhere inside the museum.


The Crawford Auto and Aviation Museum

Location: 10825 East Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44106
Phone: (216) 721-5722, ext. 320
Contact: Allison Raymond
Reservations: Needed at least one week in advance.
Cost: Museum admission charged for each person admitted.
Notes: Outdoor garden pictures may be taken in Spring and Summer. Museum admission charged for outdoor use as well.


Crocker Park

Location: 189 Crocker Park Blvd, Westlake, OH‎
Phone: (440) 871-6880‎
Reservations: Must receive written permission from Management Office for photography
Cost: none


Cuyahoga National Recreations Area

Location: 15610 Vaughn Road, Brecksville, Ohio 44141
Phone: (440) 526-5256
Reservations: Needed at least two weeks in advance.
Cost: $50 for a half hour
Receptions: Not allowed
Notes: Permit required to take photos. None given in October. Shoots permitted from 8 a.m. to dusk, Monday-Friday; 8 a.m. to noon, Saturdays.



Hale Farm and Village

Location: 2686 Oak Hill Road, Bath, OH 44210
Phone: (800) 589-9703, ext. 225
Contact: Lynn Huber
Reservations: Needed at least one month in advance.
Cost: Admission fee charged.


Halle Building

Location: 1228 Euclid Ave., Suite 151, Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: (216) 696-7701
Fax: (216) 696-7715
Contact: Janice DeBenedictis
Reservations: Needed at least a month in advance. Must send or fax a letter so security and maintenance are notified of your plans. Letter should include bride’s and groom’s names, photographer’s name, number of people, approximate arrival time and length of stay.
Cost: $50


Holdem Arboretum

Location: 9500 Sperry Road, Kirtland, Ohio 44094
Phone: (440) 946-4400
Contact: Matt Tarajcak
Reservations: Needed two months in advance.
Cost: Fee charged.
Receptions: Not allowed.


Inventure Place

Location: 221 S. Broadway, Akron, OH 44308-1505
Phone: (330) 849-6872
Contact: David Pauers (Special Events)
Reservations: Not necessary.
Cost: None
Notes: Photos may be taken outdoors in garden area. Call ahead for museum’s hours of operation.


Progressive Field

Location: Corner of Ontario and East Ninth streets, Downtown Cleveland
Phone: (216) 420-4200
Reservations: None required to take pictures, however, it is recommended to call a month in advance to check if an event is scheduled for the same date.
Cost: None
Notes: Locations suggested for photos are by Bob Feller’s statue at Gate C on Ninth St. or on Plaza at Gate A between The Q and Progressive Field. Pictures are not allowed on the field.


Mapleside Farms

Location: 262 Pearl Rd. Brunswick Ohio 44212
Phone: (330) 225-5576
Contact: Ann Jacobs
Reservations: Needed six to eight months in advance.
Cost: $100
Notes: Photos may be taken only if no other wedding party is on site.


Mentor Marsh Nature Center

Location: 5185 Corduroy Road, Mentor, OH 44060
Phone: (440) 257-0777
Contact: Mentor Marsh Nature Center
Reservations: Call ahead one month in advance.
Cost: None
Receptions: Not allowed
Notes: Photos may be taken only during hours of operation or by reservation. The Nature Center is open Saturdays and Sundays, April through October, from 12 to 5 p.m. No reservations are required to take photos in the outdoors facility, open to the public dawn to dusk year-round.


The NASA Glenn Visitor Center

Location: 21000 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, OH 44134
Phone: (216) 433-3156
Contact: Brenda Morgan
Reservations: Needed at least six to eight weeks in advance.
Cost: None
Receptions: Not allowed
Notes: Photos may be taken only during regular hours of operation.

The Nature Center and Shaker Lakes

Location: 2600 S. Park Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44120
Phone: (216) 321-5935
Reservations: Recommended three months in advance.
Cost: $25
Notes: Formerly known as Shaker Lakes Regional Nature Center.


Nautica Queen

Location: 1153 Main Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: (216) 696-5511 or (216) 696-8888
Contact: Group Sales Department
Reservations: Recommended at least one year in advance.
Cost: None
Notes: Pictures may be taken only if site is booked for the reception


North Coast Harbor – Port Authority

(Behind Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and Great Lakes Science Center)
Location: 101 Erieside Ave., Cleveland Ohio 44114-1095
Phone: (216) 241-8004, ext. 29
Contact: Elizabeth Bohinc
Reservations: Call one month in advance to make sure no special events are booked on the same date.
Cost: None
Receptions: Not allowed


Playhouse Square Foundation-Palace Theater

Location: 1501 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: (216) 771-4444
Contact: Carol Lee Vella
Reservations: Accepted only one month prior to date requested.
Cost: Call for availability and price


Pro Football Hall of Fame

Location: 2121 George Halas Drive N.W., Canton, OH 44708
Phone: (330) 456-8207, ext. 154
Contact: Tricia Dever
Reservations: Required at least one month in advance.
Cost: Regular admission charged for each person admitted. Group rates may apply for 12 or more people.
Notes: There is no fee nor are reservations required to take photos outside the building.


Public Square

Location: Downtown Cleveland
Phone: (216) 664-2484
Contact: Department of Parks, Recreation and Properties – Special Events
Reservations: Needed one month in advance.
Cost: Permit fee is $10.
Notes: Permit required to take photos on Public Square.
Casmir Notes: We love working around this location.  So much variety within walking distance.


Rockefeller Park Greenhouse and Botanical Garden

Location: 750 E. 88th St., Cleveland, OH 44108 (City of Cleveland Greenhouse)
Phone: (216) 664-3103 (Rockefeller Park)
Contact: Rajanta Shrestha
Reservations: Recommended at least one month in advance.
Cost: Call for current pricing.
Ceremonies: Capacity is 50 for greenhouse, 75 for outdoors. Receptions not allowed.
Notes: Entrance to Greenhouse is currently under construction. Permit required to take photos in Rockefeller Park. Wedding ceremonies require a permit. No ceremonies allowed in April or December.


Rocky River Park

Location: 20200 Beach Cliff Blvd, Rocky River, OH
Cost: None
Casmir Notes: Can be busy on a Saturday in the Summer months, but offers up some great photo opportunities.


Stan Hywett Hall and Gardens

Location: 714 N. Portage Path, Akron, OH 44303
Phone: (330) 836-5533
Contact: Administration Office
Reservations: Needed two weeks to six months in advance.
Cost: $400 for 2-15 people, additional guests are $10 each. Does not include $40 membership fee.
Notes: Photos may be taken outside only.


U.S.S. Cod Submarine

Location: Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: (216) 931-9392
Contact: Paul Farace
Reservations: Required at least two weeks in advance.
Cost: Donation suggested.
Notes: Pictures may be taken below deck and topside only during regular hours of operation, May through September.


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Why Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer


Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Professional wedding photographer - Casmir Photography - Cleveland, OH

A missed first kiss , an out-of-focus flower girl, a poorly lit bridal portrait — these are some of the things that ruin wedding pictures. While friends and family may be well-equipped to take snapshots before and after the ceremony, you need a professional wedding photographer to create gorgeous images and to catch those fleeting action moments that only happen once in a lifetime.

Your family member or friend may have an expensive camera and the best of intentions, but they probably don’t have the experience to adjust exposure or have and understanding of typical camera settings, change lenses on the fly, properly light portraits or pose group photos — and an entire wedding shot on a camera’s auto setting makes for a regrettable album.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

  • Hiring a professional wedding photographer is more affordable than you think. The initial investment when hiring a professional wedding photographer usually starts around $2,200 or more.  Wedding photography pricing has many variables.  Each studio will offer different quality of products and service, but this starting point will often include at least 8 hours of coverage and digital files. This is far from a large investment when you consider it’s less than you would pay to hire a local band for the reception and certainly less than most will spend on a romantic honeymoon.  The following has been said/written time and time again, but it really can not be stressed enough: After the music has stopped, the flowers thrown away, the dress stored and the food……enough said…….the only thing you will have left after your wedding day is your photos, this makes having permanent high quality reminders of your special day quite affordable.
  • Only an alert professional wedding photographer is likely to capture those fleeting, delicious moments like a curious flower girl teetering around in wedding pumps or the reflection of a kiss in a glass of sparkling reception champagne. If you lay awake nights dreaming of a wedding album filled with spontaneous photographs like these, you can’t afford not to hire a professional.
  • Professional wedding photographers often shoot more than just your wedding. Often brides can schedule a boudoir session before the day that makes a perfect gift for the groom. This type of session typically takes place in a bedroom setting and may preview the bride’s wedding day pumps, lingerie and hairstyle. Far from risque, this type of session is a timeless and classy tribute to the beautiful bride. You might also want to retain a photographer for an engagement session or to record your rehearsal dinner.
  • A professional wedding photographer knows how best to bring emphasis to those all-important elements such as your dress, your flowers and your rings. While an amateur might think to snap quick photos of each, a professional will stage them to make an impactful statement that tells a story.

How Do I Find the Right Photographer?

Hiring a wedding photographer is a painless process, but it does take a little research on your part. Picking your friend’s brain for the name of the person who photographed her last special occasion isn’t enough. Your wedding is too important to trust to someone whose work you haven’t seen. Once you have a photographer in mind, it’s important to check them out thoroughly:

  • Find their website and visit their galleries. If the photographer you’re considering exhibits only photos of babies, dogs or landscapes, it should be an automatic pass. Weddings are a breed of their own and you want someone experienced in anticipating every potential wedding day mishap/disaster.
  • Once you’ve found the gallery of a potential photographer, take your time to look and re-look at their wedding samples. Do you see creativity and spontaneity? Have they portrayed the bride in the best possible light? Is there a nice variety of pre, mid  and post ceremony shots?
  • Peruse the services they offer and take into consideration what’s being offered for the stated price. Some photographers might have terrific package prices, but charge extra for things like travel time and post production. Make sure you understand exactly what’s being offered for the price stated.
  • Finally, you should meet with a prospective photographer in person. View more samples of their work and ask questions about the whole process. Will they do a run-through with you before the ceremony? Are family pictures taken before or after? Does the photographer work with a professional lab or print the images or will they provide you with a disk and a release form for you to print your own?  What is the quality of the prints and books offered?  Are the albums they offer press printed books or heirloom quality albums intended to pass on for generations?

How Do I Prepare For My Shoot?

Ideally, you shouldn’t have much to do in the way of preparation for your wedding shoot. A good professional wedding photographer realizes that you have enough on your mind already and will take care of the important preparations such as familiarizing herself with the venue, ascertaining your schedule, etc.

You do need to decide how involved you want your photographer to be. Will they be present in the room as you’re getting ready? This is often the opportunity for beautiful shots involving mirrors, shoes and your dress, but some brides feel that having the photographer present while she’s primping is an invasion of privacy. Make sure you and your photographer are on the same page regarding where and when you would like them to shoot.

Probably the most persuasive argument for hiring a professional wedding photographer over the services of a family member or friend on your wedding day is simply that it eliminates unnecessary stress. Trusting a skilled craftsman to photograph your wedding gives you piece of mind and one less thing to worry about on this oh-so-special day.

For wedding day photos that incorporate the perfect blend of photojournalism and glamour, view our wedding gallery today.




Weddings by Casmir Photography - Professional Wedding Photographer



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Commercial Fashion Shoot – Cleveland Fashion Photographer


Commercial Fashion Shoot – Cleveland Fashion Photographer

A few samples from a recent fashion shoot featuring the beautiful designs of Lena Moro of Moro Bridal. Elegant and sophisticated bridal and evening wear from a local designer! All her gorgeous collections are suitable for the bride and other members of the bridal party. Loved working with Lena and model Heather Smith and the talented makeup and hair stylist Gabriel of Bellum Exertus.

  • Location – Casmir Photography Studio
  • Client – Moro Bridal
  • Model – Heather Smith
  • Makeup – Bellum Exertus
  • Cleveland Fashion Photographer – Thomas


Cleveland Commercial Photographer - Casmir Photography

Cleveland Fashion Photography Studio - Casmir Photography

Cleveland Commercial Fashion Photography Studio

Commercial Fashion Photographer - Casmir Photography

Cleveland Fashion Photographer - Casmir Photography

Thank you – Moro Bridal

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